Or Are You Thinking About Starting One Soon?

Are you asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I start marketing my business?
  • Should I use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin…?
  • How much time should I spend on marketing each week?
  • How much money should I spend on marketing?
  • What are the most effective marketing activities for me?
  • Should I take out some print ads in the local magazine?
  • Do I HAVE to tweet?!
  • Should I give up and go and get a job?
  • Can I run a great business AND keep my family happy?
  • How do I get more clients?
  • How can I charge more for my services?
  • I hate doing marketing – can someone else do it for me?!
  • Why is marketing so full of jargon?
  • I’m technophobic!  Where on earth do I begin with online marketing?!
  • Do I really need a website?  Can’t I just use Facebook?


Not many small business owners love doing the marketing part of their business.  It’s so hard to sell yourself, and so discouraging when all your hard work comes to nothing.

Small businesses tend to fall into cycles of feast or famine (except the feasts sometimes feel like small picnics!)

You’re either mad busy or frighteningly quiet.

Do you want to feel clear, confident and in control of your marketing?

You’re either twiddling your thumbs and hanging around Facebook too much, or still up at 2am finishing a job.

And in amongst all that you have to keep your family happy – and believing that this business of yours will be a success…

Most of all I bet you just want to feel clear, confident and in control of your marketing.

  • Clear, knowing exactly what to do next
  • Confident, knowing how to bring in more business when you need it
  • In Control of how much time, money and energy you’re spending on marketing

    Anneve Hutchinson Director The Marketing Matrix

    Anneve Hutchinson
    The Marketing Matrix

Then let me help and support you.

I’m Anneve Hutchinson, co-director of The Marketing Matrix Ltd, a marketing consultancy based in Surrey, UK.  The majority of our clients turnover between £2-10M.  We advise them on their marketing strategy and planning and manage their marketing activities for them too.

My business partner Emma and I love serving our clients with strong strategies and innovative campaigns that help their businesses grow. We develop their brand, design, build and manage their websites, produce their printed materials and look after their communications plan.  We act as our client’s outsourced marketing directors and department – it’s a business we love and are very proud of.


What I really love doing is helping tiny, home-based businesses with their marketing.

A Business That Works With Your Lifestyle Not Against It

I think being able to run a business from home is the most amazing privilege.  I know it works well for families because my Mum did the same – she ran a print and design company from home when we were small and we just took it for granted that she was always around for us.

Busy – yes, stressed – yes, but with us.

Maybe you have a young family, or perhaps you’re looking after older relatives.  Maybe you became sick of the corporate rat race and wanted to become your own boss, ploughing your own furrow.

For me, with my Mum as my example, it almost went without saying that when I had my children I would start my own business.  I had a great marketing background from working in customer relations and marketing for an airline.

And my business grew from being a freelance marketing and web consultant to running The Marketing Matrix with Emma and a network of independent professionals who help us fulfill the work we win.

Small business owners are subject to confusion, overwhelm, mixed messages and mis-selling…

So I know that starting your own business is one of the most exciting, scary, exhilarating and challenging things you can do with your life.

And I also know only too well the confusion, mixed messages and quite frankly mis-selling that small business owners are subjected to.

I see poor advice being dished out by people who don’t do their own marketing that well.

I help out clients who have been mis-sold search engine optimisation and social media packages that cost hundreds of pounds and tie them into long-term contracts that are a nightmare to terminate when they haven’t even been shown how to work with social media or search engines…

I listen to small business owners who are rightly proud of all the Likes and comments they get on Facebook but are wondering why all that ‘engagement’ isn’t turning into actual business.

I see business owners who are unsure about which marketing activities they should be concentrating on and less confident than they need to be.

ThereseI attended Anneve’s 1-1 10 step marketing plan workshop recently and I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done to help me set up my business. Anneve is personable, professional and enthusiastic. The workshop gave me all I needed to get me started, but most of all I left it motivated and excited about my next venture.   I will definitely be working with Anneve…

Therese Sidney – Freelance Resuscitation Instructor

You’re no doubt brilliant at what you do – I know you are because you care enough to start your own business and to learn about how to improve it.

Whether you’re an image consultant, photographer, therapist, instructor, interior designer, trainer, HR consultant, accountant, IT consultant, graphic designer, bookkeeper, counsellor, coach, hairdresser or makeup artist – that’s what you do with passion and ease.

It’s just the marketing and selling bit you struggle with (and dare I say the accounts too?  But I can’t help you with that!)

An Online Programme for Home-Based Business Owners

So for several years I’ve wanted to build an online programme to help home-based business owners build their own easy to manage marketing plan.

It’s been tough finding the time to put together a comprehensive plan that includes everything you need to run your marketing plan and there have been all sorts of obstacles that have meant this project has needed some blood, sweat and tears put into it.

But finally it’s here!  And I’m very proud of it.  It’s almost like my third child (except I’ve been pregnant with it for far too long!) and I’ve called it the 10 Step Marketing Plan because that’s exactly what it is.

It covers everything you need to do to promote your business in a simple, practical, step-by-step format that’s easy to follow and more importantly ‘do-able’.

I’ve kept it as ‘light’ and accessible as I can considering this is a massive subject area – because I know you don’t have much time to spend on this and you want to get started fast.

NorahI recently had a 1-2-1 workshop with Anneve and she gave me fantastic insight on how to increase my internet presence. Prior to our workshop I knew nothing of SEO’s and adwords and she explained it brilliantly with a really clear and easy pack to take away and refer to in my own time.  Anneve had clearly done her homework on my area of business and I went away with lots of suggestions. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone…

Norah Brasington – Get Changed

There are plenty of systems, programmes and courses that can help you learn about things like social media and email marketing but there are very few UK based programmes that provide a comprehensive overview of the entire ecosystem you need to put in place to promote your business successfully.

And that’s where the 10 Step Marketing Plan comes in very handy.

You see not one single step that I include can be done successfully in isolation.  A strong marketing plan is formed from a tightly knit web of completely interconnected activities, and if you miss one out the plan simply won’t work as well as it could.

What You Will Learn

If you work through my tried and tested programme you will:

  • Learn about the four vital steps that you HAVE to complete before you can even start ‘doing’ marketing
  • Understand which marketing activities are most likely to work for YOUR home-based business
  • Discover how important your website REALLY is and how to turn it into a 24/7 SALES machine
  • CONFIDENTLY deal with any marketing sales calls you get and not get taken in by a BAD offer
  • Understand which social media platforms to work with and how to turn your ‘Likers’ into PAYING clients
  • Make every single penny you invest in promoting your business WORK as hard as it can
  • Spend as little as possible on your marketing but get the best possible RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT
  • Maintain a STEADY flow of business throughout the year
  • Serve your clients and customers confidently and with renewed ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM
  • Earn what you’re WORTH (and that’s more than you think!)
  • Feel in CONTROL of your business and excited about the future

But This Plan Comes with a Warning…

The 10 Step Marketing Plan is designed for home-business owners who actually want to do something to improve their business and income.

If you think you’ll just skim through it and then move on to the next shiny marketing idea – please don’t spend your hard earned cash on it.

There are no magic tricks or secret formulae here.  In fact my intention to to take the mystery out of marketing.

For this step-by-step plan to work you have to actually do the things I recommend.

They’re not difficult, they’re not ‘rocket surgery’ but they’re also not ‘hacks’ or ‘quick-fixes’.

I’m assuming you have or want to have a real business, one that actually provides value and serves people well.

You probably don’t describe yourself as an entrepreneur or even a ‘mumpreneur’.  You’re not an inventor or ‘in startup’, you’re not seeking funding from a dragon in a den.  You’ve developed skills throughout your career and with training and you want to work with clients who need and value your help and expertise.

Paula Kemp 100I recently had a 1 to 1 workshop with Anneve for help with Adwords and SEO. Anneve has an incredible knowledge on the subject of Adwords and SEO and she explained it clearly and concisely. Anneve gave me fantastic information on how to increase my internet presence, and a great pack to refer to. I would thoroughly recommend Anneve for all SEO, Social Media and Web marketing needs.

Paula Kemp – Holistic Therapist

I’ve designed this plan with you in mind, not ‘get rich quick’ junkies who want an online business with no effort required!

You know all of this stuff can be learned online from the multitude of free resources that you can find on the web.  There are lots of very cheap workshops you can go on that will teach you how to tweet and work Facebook ads.

So you could save some money in the short-term and work it out on your own, doing the legwork, making mistakes and trying everything to find out what works.

Don’t Waste Any More Precious Time

You’ll probably get there in the end, but it will take time (and maybe that’s a good way to avoid getting on with putting your business out into the world…? 😉 )

But I think you’re here because you know it’s time to treat your business like a real business.

A real business has a well thought out marketing strategy, a confident identity, an effective website and a customer communication plan.


  • If you’d rather not waste any more time.
  • If you want to learn what to do from someone based in the UK who does this stuff every day for big companies
  • If you want the kind of confidence that comes from using a step-by-step programme that tells you exactly what to do next
  • If you think you’ll actually do the work required to make the plan successful
  • If you’d like my support and encouragement

Then invest in yourself and your business now.  Don’t waste any more time or money on useless promotions or in having a scatter gun, sporadic approach to your marketing that’s more likely to drain your energy and your finances than boost your business.

Get started now and let’s make sure your branding, website and marketing is spot on for you and your business.

I can’t wait to help and support you!

If you sign up for the full 10 Step Marketing Plan in addition to the 10 practical, easy to follow training modules (currently in text format) you’ll also get:

  • A brand brief template which will help you get the best corporate identity for your business
  • A website brief template which will make sure your website works as a 24/7 sales machine
  • A website content builder template to help you write fresh content quickly and confidently
  • A 12 month marketing plan template that shows you exactly what you should be doing and when
  • A collateral creator template that will make sure your leaflets do what they’re supposed to
  • A gentle, low-pressure sales process that could literally turn your business around
  • Access to a full list of recommended marketing tools and resources
  • Access – if needed – to our branding and website packages for small businesses that are designed to turn browsers into buyers and which aren’t available to anyone who hasn’t worked through the programme
  • 2 x 1 hour 1:1 sessions of Marketing Consultancy, Support and Advice with me via Skype

Ready to get started?  Then let’s clear the decks and dive right in!

Wishing you all the very best on your journey.  I have the greatest respect for anyone who has the guts and gumption to start and run their own business – it’s a scary but incredibly exciting thing to do.  You will come to love it I promise and you’ll soon be like Emma and I – completely unemployable!  We wouldn’t go back to our corporate lives for anything 🙂

Take care,





Anneve Hutchinson M IDM
The Marketing Matrix Ltd

PS:  If you’re already confident with your marketing and come from a marketing background then this system might not be for you.  This is a ‘no silly questions’ simple to follow programme designed for home-based business owners who are new to traditional and online marketing techniques and strategies.  I’ve kept it as light and accessible as possible as I find many marketing programmes are too ‘techie’ and filled with jargon for most business owners whose skills, talents and experience lie elsewhere.

You might find it useful as a reminder though and as many marketers find it really difficult to market themselves I’m sure you’ll still find value in this system.

The 10 Step Marketing Plan avoids as much jargon as possible and is designed for the ‘technophobic’ among us!

If you find anything whatsoever in the system that you consider to be jargon or ‘techie speak’ please email Support immediately so I can update it straightaway – I value your feedback 🙂